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Haraaz Fair Value – Green Coffee Beans (10 Kgs)

This type of coffee is so called “Fair Value” owing to a special supporting program that gives subsidized prices to support farmers, provided that they maintain the harvesting and drying standards used in our organization so to ensure that the product reaches a standard quality level that eventually enables us to adhere to our customers’ requirements for steady quality of coffee.

Haraaz Fresh

This wonderful variety of coffee comes only from the high mountainous farms in Eastern Haraz sited at the level of 1800-2200 meters above sea level where it takes advantage of the mild climate and the low humidity. This gives Haraaz Fresh a high level of quality with the fresh balance of minerals from rainwater, dams and springs.

Haraaz Red – Green Coffee Beans (25 Kgs)

Cherries are picked carefully by hands. Collected direct from farmers, only fully matured dark red grains that is so beautifully red like Yemenite Agate.

The Yemeni coffee trees receive special care from the farmers, that produces 100% organic coffee beans free of fertilizers and pesticides. The fruits of the coffee are harvested in stages. Fruits are not harvested until they mature and turn into a dark red color saturated with rich fruity flavors that has been left in soil by old plantations many years ago.

Mokha Haraaz – Green Coffee Beans (10 Kgs)

This type of coffee comes from many mountainous farms scattered all over western Haraz of the province of Sana’a at a height of 1500 – 1700 meters above sea level, where the climate is more moderate and water is of a relatively good quality.

Sample the Taste of Yemen

This sample set is for Roasters who would like to taste the unique flavors of Yemeni Coffee without having to buy in Bulk.

Please ensure your sample roaster is able to take 500 gms as minimum roasting quantity


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